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* PUBLICATION DEPARTMENT: Heichal Menachem is in the forefront of efforts to make Chassidus accessible to everyone.

Especially noteworthy is its acclaimed "Chassidus M'vu'eres" series (in Hebrew). The original text of selected individual discourses of Chassidic philosophy by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812). founder of the Chabad (intellectual) school of Chassidus, is divided into digestible portions, punctuated, and clarified with an in-depth commentary. Accompanied by definitions of terminology, summaries, and expansions of basic concepts referred to in the text, the format is understandable even to beginners. Until now, the revolutionary mystical concepts expounded in these remarkable texts have been virtually inaccessible to the uninitiated. Now, for anyone who reads Hebrew, Chassidus M'vu'eres presents them on a silver plate in their inspiring beauty.

These booklets are issued periodically. Those previously issued are now being revised and assembled into book form. The first two imposing volumes, comprising about half the booklets issued to date, are now available.

PERIODICAL: "Heichal HaBaal Shem Tov" is a Hebrew-language quarterly at a high intellectual level, devoted to research into the teachings, practices and history of the past three centuries of Chassidic personalities and dynasties. Manuscripts of teachings and personal correspondence of Chassidic masters and their disciples are published here for the first time. Fascinating articles encompass in-depth explanation of Chassidic mystical and philosophical concepts, record and explain Chassidic customs and practices, clarify biographical material on Chassidic personalities, and trace periods, events and trends in Chassidic history, and much more, all drawn from original sources. Each issue closes with a vibrant and learned correspondence from its avid readers.